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Choir Director

Strike-A-Chord is in need of a Voice Coach/Choir Director who can volunteer with our Over-50's music-making project and assist with preparing the participants to sing as a choir at Birmingham's first-ever Over-50's Christmas Concert.

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Strike-A-Chord Over-50's Christmas Concert

During the Yuletide, many are the programmes and events that focus on children (and rightfully so). Elderly Care Homes may organise Christmas parties for their residents but seldom do you ever hear of a concert solely for the ageing community!  


The "Strike-A-Chord Over-50's Christmas Concert" will be an uplifting Christmas celebration for the Over-50's by the Over-50's. As much as possible, the singers, players and musicians at the concert will be in the 50+ age group.

Strike-A-Chord is a Birmingham-based not-for-profit fun-filled project in which the Over-50's and Over-60's learn how to play the keyboard. This activity fosters togetherness and social interaction, as well as helps the ageing population overcome isolation and loneliness. 

Concise Description

Essentially, this is a turnkey assignment in a volunteering position. From auditioning to delivery, the successful candidate will oversee the selection of those who will form the choir and their delivery (singing) of carols at the Strike-A-Chord Over-50's Christmas Concert. 


The duties of the Choir Director shall include:


  • Auditioning

  • Group Voice-Coaching 

  • Learn 7 Christmas Carols and Songs

  • Teaching of Harmonies and Parts

  • Conduct Rehearsals in Preparation for the Concert 

  • Direct the Choir Performance during the Concert



Ideal Candidate

An individual who is genuinely kind, patient and compassionate would be most suitable for this volunteering opportunity. Being a student of vocal or operatic studies with rudimentary experience of directing a choir or vocal group would be ideal. If you are a veteran and interested in this life-enriching community project, we will like to hear from you. 



Benefits & Rewards 

The joy and satisfaction experienced from enriching the lives of the ageing population is beyond measure. The Strike-A-Chord project and the Christmas Concert are entirely not-for-profit. In order to facilitate the discharge of duties for this volunteering position, we are offering a Transportation Allowance. Additionally, upon completion of this assignment, you will receive a Certificate of Merit and an official Letter of Reference. 


If you believe this opportunity will add value to your journey in life and bring you fulfilment, please let us hear from you!

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