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Team-Building, Life Skills and Leadership Development through African Percussion Instruments

Strike-A-Chord Leadership Academy

As early as 3000 B.C., long before Western civilisation, Africans had established tested and proven systematic approaches to building their societies. Despite the diversity of ethnic groups across the continent, there were 3 attributes that were common to to all African tribes and prevalent in their daily living. 







In post-modern times, these are attributes that we still need and have to conscientiously cultivate. However, when it comes to music, there is a fourth attribute that absolutely distinguishes African music from all others. That attribute is timing! 



With the aid of distinctive historical African percussion instruments, the Strike-A-Chord Leadership Academy organises team-building activities, life lessons for personal growth and leadership development exercises for institutions and organisations.


Team Building Activities

The Talking-Drum, called Gángan, originated from the Yorùbá tribe and enables the participants to understand the role of effective communication in successfully building a team. We also have other instruments and musical exercises which give practical understanding on why playing together "in tune" will boost the team's performance!

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Our Life-Lessons are inspiring and uplifting learning experiences for both young and old. Essentially, each participant picks up an instrument of their choice and teachable moments are shared as they get involved in the activity. These life lessons help build character! They also plant "seeds" which will help in one's personal life and professional life.


Leadership Development

From selecting members of your team to delegating; and from maintaining focus with precision to maintaining consistency in performance, our Leadership Development activities offer real-life simulations of the daily roles of a leader. In a fun-filled and exciting fashion, these exercises are intended to bring out the best in you so that you can bring out the best in others.

Will you like to book a bespoke experience for your team? 

For a refreshing and empowering experience for your team, kindly click on the button below and tell us more about your team. Our services are fully customisable and can be rendered on your premises or at a venue/location of your choice.

Our Lead Facilitator, Samuel Jonathan, has conducted team-building exercises, life-coaching workshops, corporate training and leadership development retreats for various organs of the United Nations, the British Council, Ernst & Young, Barclays, KPMG, Barclays, Ghana's Central Bank (Bank of Ghana) and Johns Hopkins University. In addition to being an A-list performer of African percussion instruments, Samuel is a singer/songwriter and currently leads ReverbNation's charts for Birmingham!

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