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Strike A Chord Choirs

Part of The Strike-A-Chord Music-Making Project

Since inception in 2022, the Strike-A-Chord Music-Making Project has primarily focused on the Over-50's. This year, we are experimenting with the benefits of adopting the African "Village" approach in which different generations bond, blend and sing together in the same learning environment. 


This "Blended" approach will also be applied to other aspects of our music-making project, such that the Over-50's learn how to play African percussive instruments alongside young people in their 20's. The same applies to the various choirs under Strike-A-Chord. 


It promises to be an exciting and fun-filled experience. 

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As featured on BBC

3 October 2022

and 7 December 2022

As featured on UCB-1

30 November 2022

Our Story

For many years, the father of our Lead Facilitator, the late Bishop Jonathan Ayodele Famoriyo, would ask Samuel to teach him how to play the organ. Typical of many of us, Samuel kept procrastinating. He repeatedly assured his father that they would start one day. That day never came and Bishop Famoriyo went to his grave with an unfulfilled wish!
Samuel made a vow to fulfil his late father's wish by teaching the elderly how to play the keyboard. Hence, the birth of Strike-A-Chord.

What Distinguishes Us from other Choirs?

The Over-50's Community Choir

The primary objective and initial motive of establishing the Strike-A-Chord Community Choir was to have an Over-50's Choir to feature at the Strike-A-Chord Over-50's Christmas Concert. As our music-making project continues to focus on the ageing population, and as we continue to grow and evolve, several components of the project will adopt a blended approach in which the younger generation are able to enjoy exciting teachable moments in the same learning and music-making environment as the older generation! We eagerly look forward to this exciting adventure and the renewed zest it will give our Over-50's. 

Are you ready to join us?

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