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Sharing Hope through Singing

The Community Singalong

"The Choir of Possibilities"

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Sharing Hope Around the World, from community to community and city to city, through Singing.


This exciting project combines the spirit of community, the warmth of togetherness and the power of singing to bring individuals, families and the community together. 

Utilising this powerful fusion, each Community Singalong will be recorded LIVE as an album! Each participant will be acknowledged on the album. 

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More details

Some of life's most exciting moments were spontaneous, impromptu, unrehearsed and sometimes unexpected. Yet, the excitement was immeasurable and the moment so memorable. Well, we are going to adopt this same approach

This exciting adventure comes with a powerful life-lesson for our children, our families and our community: anything is possible! Hence, the term the "Choir of Possibilities".

Written, composed and arranged by Samuel Jonathan, all the songs for the Singalong are simple to sing, no words to memorise and uplifting enough to "carry" everyone along. More importantly, the message of hope potently resonates through each song!

Get involved

Signing-up for the Community Singalong is FREE and there are no admission fee(s). However, registering is required in order for you to participate.

The songs featured in this project are very uplifting to mankind and fully acknowledge God. Therefore, it is not unusual for these songs intended to inspire hope, to mention "God".

Participating in this project is entirely voluntary. No royalties, remuneration or financial reward shall be paid.

To participate, please click here to register

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