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Confidence-Building Masterclass

A High-Impact Learning Experience to Enable You Rise and Shine

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It's time for a life-changing experience

Many people have been held back in life and missed out on opportunities for lack of confidence ... confidence in their appearance, confidence in themselves or confidence to address an audience.

As we grow older, these fears and insecurities continue to grow with us and deny us the joy of living a fulfilled life! The good news is that help is available.

The i60 Confidence-Building Masterclass is focused on enabling you accomplish the following:

  1. Believe in Yourself

  2. Build Your Confidence

  3. Overcome Stage-Fright

The Masterclass

By show of hands, how many of us have read about tips on how to improve your self-confidence but realised that nothing has improved? The reason is simple. The secret to success in overcoming fear, nervousness and lack of confidence is in the doing, not the reading! Therefore, in order to achieve transformational results, this Masterclass will utilise a 70% practical : 30% theory curriculum.

A hands-on coaching approach will be adopted and the duration shall be 7,200 seconds i.e. 2 hours. Each second and moment will be focused on rebuilding your confidence and helping you overcome the fear of addressing an audience (stage-fright).

An enriched blend of the following proven practical activities will be incorporated:


  • Personality Type Test

  • Role-playing Exercises 

  • Audio-visual Illustrations 

  • Confidence-Building Activities 

  • Presentation Trials 

  • Group Exercises 

The i60 Confidence-Building Masterclass promises to be an uplifting and interactive learning experience.

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Take the next step

Many try to evade talking about challenges they face and eventually do nothing about them. If you do nothing, nothing will change! This is an opportunity to take control of your life and fully live your full potential. 

The Birmingham edition takes place on Tuesday 18th of April, 2023 at The Deritend Training Room, St Martin in the Bull Ring, B5 5BB at 11:00 am. Admission is £35. If you prefer to attend a weekend edition of this programme, kindly specify on your registration form. In order to optimise the efficacy of this learning experience, we have limited seating for this masterclass. Therefore, procrastinating may not be a good idea! Please click here to register.

Founder of the Royal Centre for Public Speaking, Samuel Jonathan, shall be the Lead Facilitator for this Masterclass. A brief profile of the Facilitator can be viewed by clicking here

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