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Strike-A-Chord Worship Masterclass




1 day

About the Course

The Strike-A-Chord Worship Masterclass is a Christian learning experience with the focus of introducing participants to the essentials for having wholesome worship at home with their musical instruments. Ultimately, this enriching programme has the objective of equipping you so that your instrument becomes a Worship Altar and your home, a Sanctuary of Praise. 

Most of our music-making programmes are for the Over-50's. However, this Masterclass is for adults of all ages

This uplifting high-impact event takes place on Saturday, 11th of February from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm inside the Music Room at The Lighthouse Centre in Aston, Birmingham. 

Areas of Focus shall include:

  • Simple ways of playing uplifting worship chords (sounds)

  • How to write and compose songs while in His presence! 

  • The best strategy for optimising the time you spend with God

  • Getting the best out of your instrument (regardless of your level of playing)

  • How to give worship that yields results 

This masterclass will be very interactive and you will be able to ask questions that are important to you about worship. 

You are encouraged to bring your instrument along, provided it will not need to be connected to other amplifying devices or equipment. 

Admission is £10 per participant and the cut-off date for registration and payment is Friday, 3rd February, 2023. Admission is FREE for participants who are in their 20's.


Click here to enrol for this Masterclass. After your enrolment has been approved, you will be emailed a link which enables you to make payment. Payment will not be accepted at the venue. In the event that you do not see the payment link in your Inbox, please ensure that you check your spam folder.

Your Instructor

Samuel Jonathan

Samuel Jonathan

Samuel Jonathan has been fully engaged in the worship ministry for 5 decades. He started out with percussive instruments, moved on to the keyboard and eventually picked up the bass guitar. Anytime Samuel had to plant a church or convene a gathering for prayer or a crusade, he realised that it was always a challenge finding a dedicated Organist or Keyboardist. He quickly realised that he had to lay down his bass guitar and drums and return to playing the keyboard. Samuel has been solely dedicated to leading worship in different parts of the world since the late 80's. Today, based in Birmingham, Samuel leads ReverbNation's local charts for Christian Music. Samuel Jonathan is the Founder & Lead Facilitator of the Strike-A-Chord Music-Making Project.

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