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An opportunity to be a Servant Leader

At one time or the other, each of us have heard the term "Servant Leadership". It is an admirable phrase which many would like to be associated with or have on their CV. The best way to truly become a Servant Leader is to find an opportunity to serve and seize it. This volunteering position gives you that opportunity. 

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An rare opportunity to be a Servant Leader to the Ageing Population

Isolation and loneliness are two of the fiercest challenges our ageing population face. If unchecked, these challenges can deteriorate an individual's health and adversely impact their mental wellbeing. Using the power of music, Strike-A-Chord enables the Over-50's to overcome these challenges by teaching them how to play the keyboard.

Based in Birmingham, Strike-A-Chord is a not-for-profit fun-filled project in which the Over-50's and Over-60's learn how to play the keyboard. This activity fosters togetherness and social interaction, as well as helps the ageing population overcome isolation and loneliness. It is truly an uplifting experience!

On a voluntary basis, the Servant Leaders will assist in setting up the venue for the keyboard lessons, attend to questions which the participants may have and assist with the smooth-running of the session.

Does this sound like a role for you?

Presently, Strike-A-Chord sessions are conducted in Handsworth Wood, once a week. By next month, we look forward to having Strike-A-Chord in various locations across Birmingham, ranging from Shard End to Birmingham City Centre and from Mere Green to Mosely Village. Each session has a duration of one hour. However, Servant Leaders will be required to arrive 30 minutes before the session to set up. A session may have between 5 and 10 participants.

Such a role offers one a gentle and gradual introduction of what it means to serve and lead. Until you "jump in" and have first-hand involvement, the term "Servant Leader" will always be a cute cliche!

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