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Volunteer Videographer for a Community Project

Strike-A-Chord is a fun-filled project in which the Over-50's learn how to play the keyboard. We need a videographer to record our coaching sessions and help tell our story.

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The rolling of your camera can tell our story better!

Isolation and loneliness are two of the fiercest challenges our ageing population face. If unchecked, these challenges can deteriorate an individual's health and adversely impact their mental wellbeing. Using the power of music, Strike-A-Chord enables the Over-50's to overcome these challenges by teaching them how to play the keyboard.

Based in Birmingham, Strike-A-Chord is a not-for-profit fun-filled project in which the Over-50's and Over-60's learn how to play the keyboard. This activity fosters togetherness and social interaction, as well as helps the ageing population overcome isolation and loneliness. It is truly an uplifting experience!

In order to help tell our story and powerful impact music has on our ageing population, the videographer will capture as many moments as possible on camera by video recording the sessions. A session has a duration of one hour and would typically have between 5 - 10 participants. We conduct Strike-A-Chord sessions in various locations across Birmingham. Thus, we don't have a fixed location. 


You will not be expected to attend or photograph all the sessions. However, we would expect that, whenever your schedule permits, you will avail yourself for this life-enriching project. 

Does this sound like a role for you?

The fun that these precious Over-50's enjoy, may last a moment. However, the story you tell through your videos and camera lens will tell a story that will outlive us all. Moreover, you will be creating memories which the participants (and their families) will cherish for a lifetime! Additionally, the videos you create will help tell our story to prospective funders, encourage future editions of this project and inspire renewed vigour among the ageing population.

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We will like to hear from you!

If you believe you will be fulfilled by taking up this opportunity, kindly send us an email 


Remember to give us your full name, contact details as well as a brief background about yourself.

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